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18 lines
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extends layout.pug
block append scripts
script(src="/JS/" defer)
script(src="/JS/" defer)
block content
div(id="prompt" class="cardboard")
img(id="logo" src="/themes/wikilerni/img/wikilerni-purple-2-512.png" alt="Logo WikiLerni")
h2(class="cardboard") #{config.siteName+" - "+configTpl.siteSlogan}
div#listsIntro !{configTpl.newsListTitle}
a(href="/"+configTpl.subscribePage class="button cardboard" title=configTpl.homeBtnSubscribeTxt) #{configTpl.homeBtnSubscribeTxt}
- nbQuestionnairesList=configTpl.maxQuestionnairesByPage;
include includes/listing-questionnaires.pug