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Mastaface - A simple Facebook to Mastodon Bridge

Mastaface scrapes the last post of a public facebook page and bridges it to mastodon.


  • splits facebook posts with are longer than the character limit into serveral toots (replies)
  • checks only for the last post, so if you miss one, you're out of luck
  • only cross-posts up to the first four images of a facebook post

Please be sure to get the permission before mirroring some facebook site.



  • curl


  • facebook-scraper


Copy config.json.example to config.json and adjust it to your needs. Setup a cronjob to run the script periodically. Timelap must be shorter than minimum time difference between two facebook posts.


  • make changing youtube links to invidios instances a global configurable setting, being able to choose an instance or just let it be youtube.

Instance used in: