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This README file contains information on the contents of the meta-opendds layer.
Please see the corresponding sections below for details.
branch: rocko
Please submit any patches against the meta-robot layer via the pull-request
mechanism on github.
Maintainer: Nicolas DAOUT <>
Table of Contents
I. Adding the meta-robot layer to your build
II. Misc
I. Adding the meta-robot layer to your build
Run 'bitbake-layers add-layer meta-robot'
II. Misc
The layer contains two recipes for robot: one versioned, one not.
The unversioned recipe is provided to allow clients, via a bbappend, to
build - for example - the HEAD of the master branch or some other version.
To use this unversioned recipe, add the following to your local.conf or
distro configuration file.
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " robot"
Note that simply providing a different branch and SRCREV may be insufficient.
If your desired commit is significantly newer than that used for the versioned
recipe, then the generic build instructions may be insufficient or incorrect.