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# To install HtmGem
* Download HtmGem
=> https://tildegit.org/sbgodin/HtmGem/archive/master.zip
* Copy the files at the root of the website.
* Configurer la réécriture dURL (//URL Rewriting//).
* Write some text in /index.gmi.
* Just open your website!
* Go to /htmgem to get the documentation.
### Prerequisites
* Php v7.3 minimum
* Module **Php-mbstring** to handle lunicode
* A web server (Apache and Nginx supported)
* Module **mod-rewrite** for the URL rewriting
### Nginx
index index.gmi index.php index.html
rewrite ^(.+\.gmi)$ /htmgem/index.php?rw=1&url=$1&style=default,htmgem.css;
error_page 403 /htmgem;
location = /favicon.ico { alias /var/www/dev/htmgem/favicon.ico; }
### Apache
DirectoryIndex index.gmi index.php index.html
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.+\.gmi)$ htmgem/index.php?rw=1&url=$1&style=default,htmgem.css
Other available styles:
* style=lagrange,lagrange.css
* style=lagrange,lagrange_gray.css
* style=default,circumlunar.css
* etc…
## Text decoration
The text decoration, which interprets the bold for instance, is not part of GemText definition. The text decoration applies everywhere except on the titles and preformated texts.
It's possible to disable the text decoration with a line **^^^** or add to the URL rewriting:
> &textDecoration=0
=> ../css Styles
=> tutogemtext-en.gmi How to make GemText pages?