Le Blog d'un *Geekus biologicus* juvénile.
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The minimalist Pelican theme.


DON'T send any questions, issues or anything related to Flex to my personal email. They will be IGNORED by now. Your question maybe also is someone else's question. They SHOULD be public, so others can know how to fix configuration problems.



Plugins Support


The recommend way to install is over pelican-themes.

The master branch is the development branch. If you're happy with fresh new things and maybe broken things you can clone the master, but I would recommend to you to clone a tag branch.


Go to Wiki


Always open an issue before sending a PR. Talk about the problem/feature that you want to fix. If it's really a good thing you can submit your PR. If you send an PR without talking about before what it is, you may work for nothing.

As always, if you want something that only make sense to you, just fork Flex and start a new theme.


Are you using this theme? Support bug fixes and new features.

Click here to donate.

Live example

You can see how this theme looks like at http://flex.alxd.me/blog/.

The code is available in this project inside docs folder.


Translate this theme to new languages at Transifex.


Read more about Translation Support.