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# Aston Hyper-V code snipets
## Introduction
As a student at Aston Informatic School we mainly, and until now, exclusively studies Microsoft products.
As i feel that i'm in a strange marketing course for the evil mega-corporation, i'll try to pass the time quicker and focus on some side projects like the FreeIPA integration on a cursed Windows network.
To do that, i need to make the infra-building as quick as possible.
No Ansible, no Chef-Infra, no Terraform; no nice feature as all.
To achieve this ambitious goal, i'll use the ill-named PowerShell scripts.
## Usage
First of all, here be dragons.
The host folder contain all scripts needed for deploying the infra.
* Bootstrap-Hyper-V.ps1 copy the necessary files (diff disks etc) on the desired folders. It will configure automaticaly all aspects to launch VMs on this atrocious Hyper-v.`v1`
* Create-ALL.ps1 create all VMs with adequate parameters to comply with the school pre-defined infrastructure. It consist on 2 server on a separate network that does AD, DNS, DHCP for one and nothing for the other at the time.`v1`
* Create-SRV.ps1 creates only the poor servers, fixed parameters for the moment.
* Create-CLI.ps1 create only the cursed client, same ase Create-SRV.ps1.
* SRV-Kill.ps1 cease the suffering of the servers.
* ALL-Kill.ps1 cease all the travesty of infrastructure.
* Integrate SRV-02 creation and role definition.
* Variable isinde Create-SRV.ps1, Create-CLI.ps1.
* Unmount disk on Kill scripts.
## Credit roll
* Sorry to the free-software community for, in a way, increasing the dummyradiance of the Microsoft
* Richard M. Stallman for his teachings and his wize-wizardness
* Sylvain Arrambourg, for his teachings.
* Well, of course my familly, beloved ones and my cat.
* Fuck Microsoft, may you burn in fire and take with you corporate greed and all privater code.
## Licence
GPLv3 my dudes!