ZwiiCMS Créer facilement votre site Web sans avoir besoin de base de données. Zwii dispose d'une solide communauté ! Conçu en 2008 par Rémi Jean, le développement a été repris par Frédéric Tempez en 2018. The website manager with no database to install. Designed in 2008 by Rémi Jean, the development was taken over by Frédéric Tempez in 2018. #zwii #cms #nosql #json #flat #file
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ZwiiCMS 12.2.04

Zwii is a database-less (flat-file) CMS that allows you to easily create and manage a web site without any programming knowledge.

ZwiiCMS was created by a talented developer, Rémi Jean. It is now maintained by Frédéric Tempez.

Site - Forum - Initial version - GitHub

  • PHP 7.2 or higher
  • .htaccess support


This work is licensed under the Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 International License.

To view a copy of this license, visit or write to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.

Downloading ZwiiCMS

To download the latest released version, go to :


Unzip the Zwii archive and upload its contents to the root of your server or to a subdirectory. That's all!

You will find more explanations, in particular for an installation at Free, in the "Downloads" section of the forum.

Update procedures

When installing a major version, it is recommended to make a backup copy.


  • Connect to your site.
  • If an update is available, it is proposed in the administration bar.
  • Click on the "Update" button.


  • Save your entire site, especially the "site" directory.
  • Unzip the new version on your computer.
  • Transfer its content to your server by activating the file replacement.

General tree structure

*Legend: [R] Directory - [F] File

[R] core Core of the system
  [R] class Classes
  [R] layout Layout
  [R] module Core modules
  [R] vendor External libraries
  [F] core.js.php Javascript core
  [F] core.php PHP core

[R] module Page modules
  [R] blog Blog
  [R] form Form manager
  [R] gallery Gallery
  [R] news News
  [R] redirection Redirection

[R] site Site content
  [R] backup Automatic backups
  [R] data Data directory
    [R] en Localized folder
      [F] page.json Page data
      [F] module.json Page module data
      [F] local.json Language-specific site data
      [R] content Folder of page contents
        [F] home.html Sample home page content
    [R] fonts Folder containing the installed fonts
      [F] fonts.html File containing the fonts calls to load on cdnFonts
      [F] fonts.css File containing the style sheet linked to the local fonts
      [F] fonts.woff Local font files (woff, etc..)
    [R] modules Customization of modules or own data
    [F] admin.css Theme of administration pages
    [F] admin.json Theme data for administration pages
    [F] blacklist.json Logging of login attempts with unknown accounts
    [F] config.json Site configuration
    [F] core.json Core configuration
    [F] custom.css Advanced customization stylesheet
    [F] fonts.json Custom font descriptor
    [F] journal.log Action logging
    [F] theme.css Site theme
    [F] theme.json Site data
    [F] user.json User data
    [F] .backup Marker for file backup if present
  [R] file File manager upload directory
    [R] source Various resources
    [R] thumb Image thumbnails
  [R] tmp Temporary directory

[F] index.php ZwiiCMS initialization file
[F] robots.txt Filtering of directories accessible to search engine robots
[F] sitemap.xml Sitemap
[F] sitemap.xml.gz Compressed version

The .htaccess files contribute to security by filtering access to sensitive directories.