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return array(
'Select' => 'Pilih',
'Deselect_All' => 'Deselect All',
'Select_All' => 'Select All',
'Erase' => 'Hapus',
'Open' => 'Buka',
'Confirm_del' => 'Apakah anda yakin menghapus berkas ini?',
'All' => 'Semua',
'Files' => 'Berkas',
'Images' => 'Gambar',
'Archives' => 'Arsip',
'Error_Upload' => 'Berkas yang diubah melebihi batas ukuran yang diperbolehkan.',
'Error_extension' => 'Ekstensi berkas tidak diperbolehkan.',
'Upload_file' => 'Unggah',
'Filters' => 'Saring',
'Videos' => 'Video',
'Music' => 'Musik',
'New_Folder' => 'Folder Baru',
'Folder_Created' => 'Folder Telah Dibuat',
'Existing_Folder' => 'Folder yang ada',
'Confirm_Folder_del' => 'Apakah anda yakin menghapus folder dan semua isi didalamnya?',
'Return_Files_List' => 'Kembali ke daftar',
'Preview' => 'Pratampil',
'Download' => 'Unduh',
'Insert_Folder_Name' => 'Masukkan nama folder:',
'Root' => 'root',
'Rename' => 'Ubah nama',
'Back' => 'kembali',
'View' => 'lihat',
'View_list' => 'Tampilan Daftar',
'View_columns_list' => 'Tampilan Daftar kolom',
'View_boxes' => 'Tampilan Kotak',
'Toolbar' => 'Toolbar',
'Actions' => 'Aksi',
'Rename_existing_file' => 'Berkas Sudah ada',
'Rename_existing_folder' => 'Folder sudah ada',
'Empty_name' => 'Nama Kosong',
'Text_filter' => 'saring teks',
'Swipe_help' => 'Arahkan pada nama berkas/folder untuk melihat pilihan',
'Upload_base' => 'Basis Unggah',
'Upload_base_help' => "Drag & Drop files(modern browsers) or click in upper button to Add the file(s) and click on Start upload. When the upload is complete, click the 'Return to files list' button.",
'Upload_add_files' => 'Add file(s)',
'Upload_start' => 'Start upload',
'Upload_error_messages' =>array(
1 => 'The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini',
2 => 'The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form',
3 => 'The uploaded file was only partially uploaded',
4 => 'No file was uploaded',
6 => 'Missing a temporary folder',
7 => 'Failed to write file to disk',
8 => 'A PHP extension stopped the file upload',
'post_max_size' => 'The uploaded file exceeds the post_max_size directive in php.ini',
'max_file_size' => 'File is too big',
'min_file_size' => 'File is too small',
'accept_file_types' => 'Filetype not allowed',
'max_number_of_files' => 'Maximum number of files exceeded',
'max_width' => 'Image exceeds maximum width',
'min_width' => 'Image requires a minimum width',
'max_height' => 'Image exceeds maximum height',
'min_height' => 'Image requires a minimum height',
'abort' => 'File upload aborted',
'image_resize' => 'Failed to resize image'
'Upload_url' => 'From url',
'Type_dir' => 'direktori',
'Type' => 'Tipe',
'Dimension' => 'Dimensi',
'Size' => 'Ukuran',
'Date' => 'Tanggal',
'Filename' => 'Nama_berkas',
'Operations' => 'Operasi',
'Date_type' => 'y-m-d',
'OK' => 'OK',
'Cancel' => 'Cancel',
'Sorting' => 'Sortir',
'Show_url' => 'lihat URL',
'Extract' => 'extract disini',
'File_info' => 'info berkas',
'Edit_image' => 'edit gambar',
'Duplicate' => 'Duplikat',
'Folders' => 'Folders',
'Copy' => 'Copy',
'Cut' => 'Cut',
'Paste' => 'Paste',
'CB' => 'CB', // clipboard
'Paste_Here' => 'Paste to this directory',
'Paste_Confirm' => 'Are you sure you want to paste to this directory? This will overwrite existing files/folders if encountered any.',
'Paste_Failed' => 'Failed to paste file(s)',
'Clear_Clipboard' => 'Clear clipboard',
'Clear_Clipboard_Confirm' => 'Are you sure you want to clear the clipboard?',
'Files_ON_Clipboard' => 'There are files on the clipboard.',
'Copy_Cut_Size_Limit' => 'The selected files/folders are too big to %s. Limit: %d MB/operation', // %s = cut or copy
'Copy_Cut_Count_Limit' => 'You selected too many files/folders to %s. Limit: %d files/operation', // %s = cut or copy
'Copy_Cut_Not_Allowed' => 'You are not allowed to %s files.', // %s(1) = cut or copy, %s(2) = files or folders
'Aviary_No_Save' => 'Could not save image',
'Zip_No_Extract' => 'Could not extract. File might be corrupt.',
'Zip_Invalid' => 'This extension is not supported. Valid: zip, gz, tar.',
'Dir_No_Write' => 'The directory you selected is not writable.',
'Function_Disabled' => 'The %s function has been disabled by the server.', // %s = cut or copy
'File_Permission' => 'File permission',
'File_Permission_Not_Allowed' => 'Changing %s permissions are not allowed.', // %s = files or folders
'File_Permission_Recursive' => 'Apply recursively?',
'File_Permission_Wrong_Mode' => "The supplied permission mode is incorrect.",
'User' => 'User',
'Group' => 'Group',
'Yes' => 'Yes',
'No' => 'No',
'Lang_Not_Found' => 'Could not find language.',
'Lang_Change' => 'Change the language',
'File_Not_Found' => 'Could not find the file.',
'File_Open_Edit_Not_Allowed' => 'You are not allowed to %s this file.', // %s = open or edit
'Edit' => 'Edit',
'Edit_File' => "Edit file's content",
'File_Save_OK' => "File successfully saved.",
'File_Save_Error' => "There was an error while saving the file.",
'New_File' => 'New File',
'No_Extension' => 'You have to add a file extension.',
'Valid_Extensions' => 'Valid extensions: %s', // %s = txt,log etc.
'Upload_message' => "Drop file here to upload",
'forbiden' => "Forbiden",
'wrong path' => "Wrong path",
'wrong name' => "Wrong name",
'wrong extension' => "Wrong extension",
'wrong option' => "Wrong option",
'wrong data' => "Wrong data",
'wrong action' => "Wrong action",
'wrong sub-action' => "Wrong sub-actio",
'no action passed' => "No action passed",
'no path' => "No path",
'no file' => "No file",
'view type number missing' => "View type number missing",
'Not enough Memory' => "Not enough Memory",
'max_size_reached' => "Your image folder has reach its maximale size of %d MB.", //%d = max overall size
'B' => "B",
'KB' => "KB",
'MB' => "MB",
'GB' => "GB",
'TB' => "TB",
'total size' => "Total size",