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This file contains ambiguous Unicode characters that may be confused with others in your current locale. If your use case is intentional and legitimate, you can safely ignore this warning. Use the Escape button to highlight these characters.

return array(
'Select' => 'Сонгох',
'Deselect_All' => 'Deselect All',
'Select_All' => 'Select All',
'Erase' => 'Устгах',
'Open' => 'Нээх',
'Confirm_del' => 'Та энэ файлыг устгахдаа итгэлтэй байна уу?',
'All' => 'Бүгд',
'Files' => 'Файлууд',
'Images' => 'Зурагнууд',
'Archives' => 'Архивлагдсан файлууд',
'Error_Upload' => 'Хуулсан файл зөвшөөрөгдөх хэмжээнээс их байна.',
'Error_extension' => 'Файлын өргөтгөх зөвшөөрөгдөөгүй.',
'Upload_file' => 'Хуулах',
'Filters' => 'Шүүлтүүрүүд',
'Videos' => 'Бичлэгнүүд',
'Music' => 'Дуунууд',
'New_Folder' => 'Шинэ хавтас',
'Folder_Created' => 'Хавтас амжилттай үүслээ',
'Existing_Folder' => 'Давхардсан хавтас',
'Confirm_Folder_del' => 'Хавтас болон доторх бүх файлуудыг устгахдаа итгэлтэй байна уу?',
'Return_Files_List' => 'Файлын жагсаалт руу буцах',
'Preview' => 'Урьдчилан харах',
'Download' => 'Татаж авах',
'Insert_Folder_Name' => 'Хавтасны нэрийг оруулна уу:',
'Root' => 'root',
'Rename' => 'Нэрлэх',
'Back' => 'буцах',
'View' => 'Үзэх',
'View_list' => 'Жагсаалтаар харах',
'View_columns_list' => 'Баганаар харах',
'View_boxes' => 'Хайрцгаар харах',
'Toolbar' => 'Товчилсон товчнууд',
'Actions' => 'Үйлдэл',
'Rename_existing_file' => 'Файл аль хэдийнэ үүссэн байна',
'Rename_existing_folder' => 'Хавтас аль хэдийнэ үүсэн байна',
'Empty_name' => 'Нэр хоосон байна',
'Text_filter' => 'текстэн шүүлтүүр',
'Swipe_help' => 'Файл/Хавтасны нэрийг товшоод тохиргоог харна уу',
'Upload_base' => 'Энгийнээр хуулах',
'Upload_base_help' => "Drag & Drop files(modern browsers) or click in upper button to Add the file(s) and click on Start upload. When the upload is complete, click the 'Return to files list' button.",
'Upload_add_files' => 'Add file(s)',
'Upload_start' => 'Start upload',
'Upload_error_messages' =>array(
1 => 'The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini',
2 => 'The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form',
3 => 'The uploaded file was only partially uploaded',
4 => 'No file was uploaded',
6 => 'Missing a temporary folder',
7 => 'Failed to write file to disk',
8 => 'A PHP extension stopped the file upload',
'post_max_size' => 'The uploaded file exceeds the post_max_size directive in php.ini',
'max_file_size' => 'File is too big',
'min_file_size' => 'File is too small',
'accept_file_types' => 'Filetype not allowed',
'max_number_of_files' => 'Maximum number of files exceeded',
'max_width' => 'Image exceeds maximum width',
'min_width' => 'Image requires a minimum width',
'max_height' => 'Image exceeds maximum height',
'min_height' => 'Image requires a minimum height',
'abort' => 'File upload aborted',
'image_resize' => 'Failed to resize image'
'Upload_url' => 'From url',
'Type_dir' => 'dir',
'Type' => 'Төрөл',
'Dimension' => 'Харьцаа',
'Size' => 'Хэмжээ',
'Date' => 'Огноо',
'Filename' => 'Файлын нэр',
'Operations' => 'Үйлдэлүүд',
'Date_type' => 'y-m-d',
'OK' => 'ОК',
'Cancel' => 'Буцах',
'Sorting' => 'эрэмбэлэх',
'Show_url' => 'URL-г харах',
'Extract' => 'энд задла',
'File_info' => 'файлын мэдээлэл',
'Edit_image' => 'зураг засварлах',
'Duplicate' => 'Давхардуулах',
'Folders' => 'Folders',
'Copy' => 'Copy',
'Cut' => 'Cut',
'Paste' => 'Paste',
'CB' => 'CB', // clipboard
'Paste_Here' => 'Paste to this directory',
'Paste_Confirm' => 'Are you sure you want to paste to this directory? This will overwrite existing files/folders if encountered any.',
'Paste_Failed' => 'Failed to paste file(s)',
'Clear_Clipboard' => 'Clear clipboard',
'Clear_Clipboard_Confirm' => 'Are you sure you want to clear the clipboard?',
'Files_ON_Clipboard' => 'There are files on the clipboard.',
'Copy_Cut_Size_Limit' => 'The selected files/folders are too big to %s. Limit: %d MB/operation', // %s = cut or copy
'Copy_Cut_Count_Limit' => 'You selected too many files/folders to %s. Limit: %d files/operation', // %s = cut or copy
'Copy_Cut_Not_Allowed' => 'You are not allowed to %s files.', // %s(1) = cut or copy, %s(2) = files or folders
'Aviary_No_Save' => 'Could not save image',
'Zip_No_Extract' => 'Could not extract. File might be corrupt.',
'Zip_Invalid' => 'This extension is not supported. Valid: zip, gz, tar.',
'Dir_No_Write' => 'The directory you selected is not writable.',
'Function_Disabled' => 'The %s function has been disabled by the server.', // %s = cut or copy
'File_Permission' => 'File permission',
'File_Permission_Not_Allowed' => 'Changing %s permissions are not allowed.', // %s = files or folders
'File_Permission_Recursive' => 'Apply recursively?',
'File_Permission_Wrong_Mode' => "The supplied permission mode is incorrect.",
'User' => 'User',
'Group' => 'Group',
'Yes' => 'Yes',
'No' => 'No',
'Lang_Not_Found' => 'Could not find language.',
'Lang_Change' => 'Change the language',
'File_Not_Found' => 'Could not find the file.',
'File_Open_Edit_Not_Allowed' => 'You are not allowed to %s this file.', // %s = open or edit
'Edit' => 'Edit',
'Edit_File' => "Edit file's content",
'File_Save_OK' => "File successfully saved.",
'File_Save_Error' => "There was an error while saving the file.",
'New_File' => 'New File',
'No_Extension' => 'You have to add a file extension.',
'Valid_Extensions' => 'Valid extensions: %s', // %s = txt,log etc.
'Upload_message' => "Drop file here to upload",
'forbiden' => "Forbiden",
'wrong path' => "Wrong path",
'wrong name' => "Wrong name",
'wrong extension' => "Wrong extension",
'wrong option' => "Wrong option",
'wrong data' => "Wrong data",
'wrong action' => "Wrong action",
'wrong sub-action' => "Wrong sub-actio",
'no action passed' => "No action passed",
'no path' => "No path",
'no file' => "No file",
'view type number missing' => "View type number missing",
'Not enough Memory' => "Not enough Memory",
'max_size_reached' => "Your image folder has reach its maximale size of %d MB.", //%d = max overall size
'B' => "B",
'KB' => "KB",
'MB' => "MB",
'GB' => "GB",
'TB' => "TB",
'total size' => "Total size",