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# VimJam2
# Pinmik Panik !
My entry for the [VimJam2](https://itch.io/jam/vimjam2)
My entry for the [VimJam2](https://itch.io/jam/vimjam2).
The requirement was the word "boss", and the theme was "on the edge".
An arcade game with little creatures, try to have the best highscore :D
I'll not maintain this repository past the jam's deadline, but feel free to fork it for your own projects.
Also, take a look at the [credits file](credits.md)
## How I compiled it
### Depedencies
I'm using [pygame](https://www.pygame.org/news), install it with
pip install pygame
### With Linux/Unix
pyinstaller --onefile --noconsole launcher.py --add-data "gamedata:gamedata" --icon icon.png
### With Windows
pyinstaller --onefile --noconsole launcher.py --add-data "gamedata;gamedata" --icon icon.png

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