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Loïc Dachary 2d5c728552 Merge branch 'wip-hypervisor' into 'master' 3 days ago
docs update release notes 3 weeks ago
enough enough: limit the list of hosts 4 months ago
inventory postfix: allow empty postfix-service-group 5 months ago
playbooks hypervisor: reduce retention of backups to 4 months 3 days ago
tests gitlab & postfix: v2.0.0 removed the debops prefix 7 months ago
.ansible-lint replace molecule with playbooks 2 years ago
.dockerignore tests: exclude qcow2 on img from docker 11 months ago
.gitignore cleanup: remove obsolete inventories directory 6 months ago
.gitlab-ci.yml Allow to execute OpenStack integration tests only 1 year ago
.gitmodules wazuh: upgrade to 4.0.3 12 months ago
.mailmap cli: distribution related files 3 years ago
.yamllint infrastructure: fix yamllint errors 3 years ago
AUTHORS backup: implement the backup download command 9 months ago Update link to contributing guide 1 year ago
ChangeLog version 2.1.39 1 month ago
LICENSE add LICENSE file 4 years ago enough: follow symbolic links 2 years ago
Makefile minimal documentation skeletton 4 years ago
Pipfile Upgrade pyflakes in order to avoid py3.8 issue 7 months ago
Pipfile.lock Upgrade pyflakes in order to avoid py3.8 issue 7 months ago no trusty or ubuntu host 3 years ago
ansible.cfg ansible: fail fast, use pipelining, YAML errors 1 year ago
buster-migration-playbook.yml one time playbook to help cluster migration to buster 2 years ago
certs certs symlink must be to playbooks instead of molecule 2 years ago
clouds.yml.example enough: rename ovh to production 1 year ago use clouds.yml rather than 12 months ago
copy-playbook.yml SSH key: use ansible_ssh_private_key_file directly 1 year ago fix the upgrade script 2 years ago
enough-after-playbook.yml split enough-playbook to facilitate maintenance 2 years ago
enough-before-playbook.yml postfix: enable clients even when no relay is installed 6 months ago
enough-playbook.yml wekan: add missing playbook in enough-playbook.yml 6 months ago
hosts-base.yml root: fix yamllint errors 3 years ago
requirements-dev.txt Upgrade pyflakes in order to avoid py3.8 issue 7 months ago
requirements.txt Upgrade pyflakes in order to avoid py3.8 issue 7 months ago
setup.cfg bump version 2.1.40 1 month ago cli: bootstrap a cli that does nothing but tests ok 3 years ago
tox.ini [tests] pre create tox environments without enough 7 months ago

The infrastructure is in this repository. Read the documentation.