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version 2.1.12

keep-around/a2f57b268edade3b76bf5023f5a00f12d9fa422c 2.1.12
Loïc Dachary 7 months ago
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Signed by: dachary GPG Key ID: 992D23B392F9E4F2
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* version 2.1.12
* enough: libvirt-dev is a dependency
* gitlab: SSHFP now has tab instead of space in stdout
* gitlab: tests need certs
* libvirt: add libvirt\_ram for non-default flavors
* tests: fix 'certs' directory for libvirt
* docs: create a separate requirement file
* docs: update release notes
* tests: fix postfix typo
* tests: wait\_for\_ssh is now in ssh.SSH
* enough: Enough.destroy is useful to handle clones
* tests: /dev/kvm may not exist
* enough: fix 49715620f50455c8c8a06a398e510ac9e10d78c2 regression
* tests: keep flake8 happy
* tests: libvirt may not be installed on the CI
* tests: update incorrect reference to the libvirt role
* tests: verify host factory
* gitlab: enable KVM in docker
* tests: implement tox -e icinga for libvirt
* tests: implement tox -e bind for libvirt
* tests: libvirt/openstack share the same fixture
* enough: assign a fixed IP to bind-host
* enough: unify network configuration libvirt/openstack
* tests: rework unified OpenStack & Libvirt fixtures
* tests: remove docker tests leftovers
* enough: implement libvirt driver create\_or\_update
* tests: move wait\_for\_ssh to enough.common.ssh
* enough: enable KVM in docker
* tests: implement infrastructure\_driver libvirt
* enough: libvirt packages installation
* enough: remove docker driver leftovers
* tests: add libvirt to the container
* add libvirt to Pipfile
* tests: exclude qcow2 on img from docker
* gitlab: setup libvirtd on the runner
* docs: add release notes
* icinga: remove unused variable
* icinga: define icinga\_client\_address
* enough: move the network\_interface\_\* variables into ansible
* icinga: give /etc a few days to settle
* bump version 2.1.12
* add Pimthepoi <> to AUTHORS