7 Commits (4043b932ed51052d5087512d735f191a38cc606d)

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singuliere f0e085aa4c
root: fix yamllint errors 3 years ago
Debian 2952a7458a no trusty or ubuntu host 3 years ago
Loïc Dachary c8b43ff5cd
packages: add trusty-host for native tests instead of docker 4 years ago
Loïc Dachary 94ee3ae8ae
demo: deprecate the vagrant demo for the docker based demo 3 years ago
François Poulain cea8622d5a certs: new scenario installing custom certificates when needed 4 years ago
François Poulain f3841efe9e add demo molecule scenario 4 years ago
Loïc Dachary d3936a2426 molecule create makes a static inventory 4 years ago