26 Commits (4c98b9bbb2ac3f23602cf45d5a129ffec3f95e4b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Loïc Dachary 4c98b9bbb2
ansible: pyopenssl no longer needed 10 months ago
Loïc Dachary 7a369cc25e
tests: upgrade tox=3.20.1 11 months ago
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 31c20b9afe
Force the reschedule of the icinga checks 11 months ago
Loïc Dachary 337fc99e50
upgrade ansible 2.9 11 months ago
Loïc Dachary 808ab9ff15
add missing dependency pyopenssl 11 months ago
Loïc Dachary bcc7df4779
pipenv: fix https://github.com/pypa/pipenv/issues/4476 1 year ago
Loïc Dachary d420257241
generate requirements.txt requirements-dev.txt from Pipfile.lock 1 year ago
Loïc Dachary c2cb22cf3c
replace pip-compile with pipenv 1 year ago
Loïc Dachary f52392b21d
install future, requirement for debops.ansible_plugins 1 year ago
Loïc Dachary e7b7c233b3
upgrade pip-tools & tox 1 year ago
Loïc Dachary b49573fd36
remove molecule but keep testinfra 1 year ago
Loïc Dachary 66c4f3087e
certificate: makes ownca compliant with MacOS requirements 2 years ago
singuliere 4336d63a9d
infrastructure: move the test subdomain delegation to the enough cli 2 years ago
singuliere 54666b4e7b
upgrade molecule 2.19.0 2 years ago
singuliere 454da6e5ae
enough: upgrade dogpile.cache 3 years ago
singuliere 642f33f9f1
add dependency to OpenStack and Heat 3 years ago
singuliere 5217259530
upgrade pip-tools 3 years ago
singuliere 3fd45c571c
enough: openstack helpers 3 years ago
singuliere 6db9ad37d2
api: allow authentication via GitLab 3 years ago
singuliere 611fe27e14
enough: dnspython is needed for tests 3 years ago
singuliere ae3a2d2853
requirements: molecule is not for dev 3 years ago
singuliere e415c826c6
upgrade requirements 3 years ago
singuliere c3bf570999
api: add dependencies to django & djangorestframework 3 years ago
singuliere 408fa85e03
switch to using python3 3 years ago
singuliere 2c4f7bbce8
cli: move test only dependencies to requirements.in 3 years ago
singuliere fc4da7e162
cli: bootstrap a cli that does nothing but tests ok 3 years ago