6 Commits (f4efb51bffac24733a8677562f13ad3c1861e518)

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Loïc Dachary d235c26a98
infrastructure: do not override network_{primary,secondary}_interface 7 months ago
Loïc Dachary 75fa57d3ac
tests: implement tox -e icinga for libvirt 9 months ago
Loïc Dachary 21c2f1aaf4
tests: libvirt/openstack share the same fixture 9 months ago
Loïc Dachary 7c477e598a
tests: no longer need infrastructure_key at the root 9 months ago
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli 8d806cc3bb
Allow OpenStack integration tests to reuse prepare_config_dir 10 months ago
singuliere f88780436d
icinga: move helpers to the tests directory 3 years ago