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Loïc Dachary 2687a81984
bump 2.1.33
3 days ago
certificate.yml infrastructure: document variables 1 year ago
config_directory.yml define enough_domain_config_directory 2 years ago
firewall.yml infrastructure: document variables 1 year ago
icinga.yml icinga: icinga.yml is more explicit than monitoring.yml 1 week ago
infrastructure.yml tests: implement infrastructure_driver libvirt 6 months ago
internal_network.yml openvpn: move openstack_internal_network_{prefix,cidr} to their own file 11 months ago
libvirt.yml libvirt: assign IP in the range libvirt_network_hypervisor_prefix 1 week ago
network.yml infrastructure: do not override network_{primary,secondary}_interface 4 months ago
openstack.yml OpenStack: handle Fuga AMS2 3 weeks ago
openvpn.yml OpenStack: handle port-security network extension 4 weeks ago
openvpnclient.yml openvpn: advertise the route provided by the VPN to all hosts 1 month ago
postfix.yml postfix: add variables for relayhost, fqdn and mailname 2 months ago
production_domain.yml inventory: production_domain is the domain without the .test part 3 years ago
provision.yml move ansible_{user,port} + openstack volumes to host_vars 2 years ago