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# coding: utf-8
# Copy/pasted from # noqa
import contextlib
import os
def modified_environ(*remove, **update):
Temporarily updates the ``os.environ`` dictionary in-place.
The ``os.environ`` dictionary is updated in-place so that the modification
is sure to work in all situations.
:param remove: Environment variables to remove.
:param update: Dictionary of environment variables and values to add/update.
env = os.environ
update = update or {}
remove = remove or []
# List of environment variables being updated or removed.
stomped = (set(update.keys()) | set(remove)) & set(env.keys())
# Environment variables and values to restore on exit.
update_after = {k: env[k] for k in stomped}
# Environment variables and values to remove on exit.
remove_after = frozenset(k for k in update if k not in env)
[env.pop(k, None) for k in remove]
[env.pop(k) for k in remove_after]