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.. _bind:
When a new host is created (for instance with `enough --domain host create cloud-host`) the names
`` and `` are added to the DNS.
The `bind_zone_records` variable is inserted in the `` zone
declaration verbatim (see the `BIND documentation for information <>`__).
It can be set in `~/.enough/` like so:
.. code:: yaml
bind_zone_records: |
imap 1800 IN CNAME
pop 1800 IN CNAME
smtp 1800 IN CNAME
@ 1800 IN MX 50
@ 1800 IN MX 10
Host Resolver
The resolver of all hosts (in `/etc/resolv.conf`) is set with the IP
of the DNS server that was :ref:`created to bootstrap Enough
<bind_create>`. It is used to resolve the host names in the Enough
domain (for instance `` or ``) and all
other domain names (for instance `` or ``).
VPN Resolver
When a client connects to the :doc:`VPN <VPN>`, its resolver is set to the
Enough DNS server.
.. note::
Using the Enough DNS instead of the DNS of an internet service
provider bypasses rewrites of DNS entries (imposed by by `the state
in some cases).