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Persistent data is placed in :ref:`encrypted volumes
<attached_volumes>` otherwise it may be deleted at any moment, when
the host fails. A daily backup of all volumes is done on the host
designated to host backups (for instance `bind-host`) when the service
is created as follows:
.. code::
$ enough --domain service create --host bind-host backup
The number of backups is defined with the `backup_retention_days` variable
as documented `in this file <>`__ and can be set in `~/.enough/` like so:
.. code:: yaml
backup_retention_days: 7
.. note::
If the quota for volume snapshots displayed by `enough --domain quota show` is too low, a support ticket should be
opened with the cloud provider to increase it.
A volume backup can be used to :ref:`restore a service
<restore_service_from_backup>` in the state it was at the time of the
The volumes are replicated three times and their data cannot be lost
because of a hardware failure.