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Release Notes
* Hosts can now be provisionned using libvirt instead of OpenStack. For instance::
$ enough --domain host create --driver libvirt bind
bind: building image
bind: preparing image
bind: creating host
bind: waiting for ipv4 to be allocated
bind: waiting for to come up
Check if SSH is available on
bind: host is ready
| Field | Value |
| name | bind |
| user | debian |
| port | 22 |
| ip | |
* The ansible variable `website_repository` can be used to specify a repository other than `the default <>`__.
* Retry every minute during two hours if `no HTTPS certificate can be obtained <>`__. It is assumed that the cause for the failure is that DNS propagation can take a few hours.
* Reduce `memory requirements <>`__ when downloading files from Nextcloud. It can become a problem when the size of the file is large (i.e. greater than 1GB).
* Pin the `discourse version and the plugins <>`__ to the latest stable release.
* `Fixes a bug <>`__ blocking all outgoing mails on the relay.
* Add missing dependencies (debops.libvirt*) that would fail when trying
to deploy a CI runner.
The icinga client address was `hostvars[inventory_hostname]['ansible_host']` prior
to 2.1.12. It now is `icinga_client_address` which defaults to `hostvars[inventory_hostname]['ansible_host']`.
It can be used to resolve the following problem:
* The icinga master has a private IP and no public IP
* The icinga master goes through a router with a public IP
* The icinga client has a public IP which is the default for `icinga_client_address`
* The icinga master tries to ping the icinga client public IP but fails because the firewall of the client does not allow ICMP from the router public IP
The `icinga_client_address` of the client is set to the internal IP
instead of the public IP. The ping will succeed because the firewall
allows ICMP from any host connected to the internal network.
* Added basic `support for running tests with libvirt <>`__
instead of OpenStack.