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Stephane Bortzmeyer 65d8deb569 Documentation of timeout 2021-07-07 11:59:25 +02:00
Faustin Lammler 342f89844b
Add unixtime option
Add an option to return the expiration date in unixtime (time since

  ./check_expire -H domain -u

It's particularly useful for alerting or monitoring systems that do
their own calculation based on the metric they receive (and not based on
exit codes).

For instance you can use the following in zabbix 5.4:
- item: check_expire["-H","{HOST.CONN}","-u"]
- trigger: last(/check_expire["-H","{HOST.CONN}","-u"])-now()<2592000

Where 2592000 is 30 days in seconds.
2021-07-07 10:13:50 +02:00
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