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- IPv4/v6 compatibility
- Free/Libre and Open Source
# Download
AIRA releases are availables in the "Release" section. All APKs are signed with my PGP key available on keyservers. To download it:
`gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 007F84120107191E` \
Fingerprint: `BD56 2147 9E7B 74D3 6A40 5BE8 007F 8412 0107 191E` \
Email: `Hardcore Sushi <>`
Then, verify APK: `gpg --verify AIRA.apk.asc AIRA.apk`
__Don't install the APK if the verification fails!__
# Build
### Install Rust
AIRA android uses some code from the desktop version which is written in Rust. Therefore, you need to compile this Rust code first.