tests/matrix: test xchacha with and without openssl

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Jakob Unterwurzacher 2021-09-08 20:34:01 +02:00
parent 94e8004b6c
commit 2620cad0dc
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@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ import (
@ -66,7 +67,9 @@ var matrix = []testcaseMatrix{
{false, "auto", false, false, []string{"-serialize_reads"}},
{false, "auto", false, false, []string{"-sharedstorage"}},
{false, "auto", false, false, []string{"-deterministic-names"}},
{false, "auto", false, true, []string{"-xchacha"}},
// Test xchacha with and without openssl
{false, "true", false, true, []string{"-xchacha"}},
{false, "false", false, true, []string{"-xchacha"}},
// This is the entry point for the tests
@ -97,7 +100,11 @@ func TestMain(m *testing.M) {
opts = append(opts, testcase.extraArgs...)
test_helpers.MountOrExit(test_helpers.DefaultCipherDir, test_helpers.DefaultPlainDir, opts...)
before := test_helpers.ListFds(0, test_helpers.TmpDir)
t0 := time.Now()
r := m.Run()
if testing.Verbose() {
fmt.Printf("matrix: run took %v\n", time.Since(t0))
// Catch fd leaks in the tests. NOTE: this does NOT catch leaks in
// the gocryptfs FUSE process, but only in the tests that access it!
// All fds that point outside TmpDir are not interesting (the Go test