README: recommend build-without-openssl.bash

For build.bash, list missing dependencies: gcc, pkg-config

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@ -100,14 +100,20 @@ With go 1.11 or higher:
$ git clone
$ cd gocryptfs
$ ./build.bash
build.bash needs the OpenSSL headers installed (Debian: `apt install libssl-dev`,
Fedora: `dnf install openssl-devel`). Alternatively, you can compile
without OpenSSL using
$ ./build-without-openssl.bash
This will compile a static binary that uses the Go stdlib crypto backend.
If you want to use the OpenSSL crypto backend (faster on
old CPUs lacking AES-NI), you have to install a few dependencies:
* Debian/Ubuntu: `apt install libssl-dev gcc pkg-config`
* Fedora: `dnf install openssl-devel gcc pkg-config`
Then, run:
$ ./build.bash