fusefrontend: remove leftover Printf

Commit b83ca9c921
inadveredly added a leftover debug Printf.

Delete it.
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Jakob Unterwurzacher 2021-08-30 11:39:44 +02:00
parent 34d8a498c4
commit 4e3b7702af
1 changed files with 0 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -382,7 +382,6 @@ func (f *File) Write(ctx context.Context, data []byte, off int64) (uint32, sysca
// But if the write directly follows an earlier write, it cannot create a
// hole, and we can save one Stat() call.
if !f.isConsecutiveWrite(off) {
fmt.Printf("isConsecutiveWrite=false, off=%d\n", off)
errno := f.writePadHole(off)
if errno != 0 {
return 0, errno