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@ -143,8 +143,12 @@ RM: 4.42
v1.4 (not yet released)
* Add `force_owner` option to allow files to be presented as owned by a
v1.4, 2017-06-20
* **Switch to static binary releases**
* From gocryptfs v1.4, I will only release statically-built binaries.
These support all Linux distributions but cannot use OpenSSL.
* OpenSSL is still supported - just compile from source!
* Add `-force_owner` option to allow files to be presented as owned by a
different user or group from the user running gocryptfs. Please see caveats
and guidance in the man page before using this functionality.
* Increase open file limit to 4096 ([#82](
@ -155,8 +159,12 @@ v1.4 (not yet released)
* Add more specific exit codes for the most common failure modes,
documented in [](Documentation/
* Reverse mode: make sure hard-linked files always return the same
ciphertext [commit](
ciphertext (commit 9ecf2d1a3f69e3d995012073afe3fc664bd928f2)
* Display a shorter, friendlier help text by default.
* Parallelize file content encryption by splitting data blocks into two
threads ([ticket#116](
* Prefetch random nonces in the background (commit 80516ed3351477793eec882508969b6b29b69b0a)
* Add `-info` option to pretty-print infos about a filesystem.
v1.3, 2017-04-29
* **Use HKDF to derive separate keys for GCM and EME**