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#### v2.3.1, 2023-03-04
* Optimize NFS streaming write performance ([#712](,
You should see about a 4x performance increase.
* Use `debug.ReadBuildInfo()` to provide some
version information even when not built with `build.bash` ([#701]( .
* Fix bug that caused the `logger` process to be killed when started from `xfce4-terminal`,
and that terminal window was closed ([#660](,
* MacOS: Fix reverse mount failing with `read-only file system` ([#690](
* Make gocryptfs compile on riscv64 by switching from [jacobsa/crypto](
to maintained fork [aperturerobotics/jacobsa-crypto](
#### v2.3.0, 2022-10-21
* Identical to v2.3, just tagged once more in full semver x.y.z format. This make Go's fetching logic happy,
which ignores v2.3 (without the third digit) completely.