MANPAGE: -extpass: document dash duplication bug

Jakob Unterwurzacher 1 year ago
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@ -475,6 +475,10 @@ to your program, use `"--"`, which is accepted by most programs:
Applies to: all actions that ask for a password.
BUG: In `-extpass -X`, the `-X` will be interpreted as `--X`. Please use
`-extpass=-X` to prevent that. See **Dash duplication** in the **BUGS** section
for details.
#### -fido2 DEVICE_PATH
Use a FIDO2 token to initialize and unlock the filesystem.
Use "fido2-token -L" to obtain the FIDO2 token device path.
@ -684,6 +688,29 @@ other: please check the error message
See also:
### Dash duplication
gocryptfs v2.1 switched to the `pflag` library for command-line parsing
to support flags and positional arguments in any order. To stay compatible
with single-dash long options like `-extpass`, an ugly hack was added:
The command line is preprocessed, and all single-dash options are converted to
Unfortunately, this means that in
gocryptfs -extpass myapp -extpass -X
gocryptfs transforms the `-X` to `--X`, and it will call `myapp --n` as the extpass program.
Please use
gocryptfs -extpass myapp -extpass=-X
to work around this bug.
mount(2) fuse(8) fallocate(2) encfs(1) gitignore(5)

@ -114,6 +114,10 @@ func prefixOArgs(osArgs []string) ([]string, error) {
// into "--debug" (spf13/pflag style).
// gocryptfs v2.1 switched from `flag` to `pflag`, but we obviously want to stay
// cli-compatible, and this is the hack to do it.
// BUG: In `-extpass -X`, the `-X` gets transformed `--X`.
// See "Dash duplication" in the man page and
// .
func convertToDoubleDash(osArgs []string) (out []string) {
out = append(out, osArgs...)
for i, v := range out {