nametransform: fix math.MaxInt build failure on older Go

Failure is:

  internal/nametransform/names.go:47:33: undefined: math.MaxInt

math.MaxInt was only introduced in Go 1.17. Use MaxInt32 instead,
which is good enough, even on amd64. It only has to be larger than
any name we might encounter.
Jakob Unterwurzacher 1 year ago
parent d14c9340d6
commit 87a6bb370a

@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ func New(e *eme.EMECipher, longNames bool, longNameMax uint8, raw64 bool, badnam
if raw64 {
b64 = base64.RawURLEncoding
var effectiveLongNameMax int = math.MaxInt
var effectiveLongNameMax int = math.MaxInt32
if longNames {
if longNameMax == 0 {
effectiveLongNameMax = NameMax