Prevent local user ID from appearing in source tarballs

The local user ID (1026 jakob) appears in the source tarballs gocryptfs_v1.7_src.tar.gz and gocryptfs_v1.7_src-deps.tar.gz as the owner of VERSION, Documentation, and vendor. This issue is already fixed for the binary releases by commit 07f57314af, and the solution here is the same: use "tar --owner=root --group=root".
dhirsbrunner 4 years ago committed by rfjakob
parent b1468a732f
commit abb2f1fad0

@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ git_archive_extra() {
# Add files tracked in git
git archive --prefix "$PREFIX/" -o $PREFIX.tar HEAD
# Add "extra" files
tar --transform "s!^!$PREFIX/!" --append -f $PREFIX.tar "$@"
tar --owner=root --group=root --transform "s!^!$PREFIX/!" --append -f $PREFIX.tar "$@"
# Compress
gzip -f $PREFIX.tar