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Sebastian Lackner 874eaf9734 Assorted spelling fixes.
Mostly detected with the 'codespell' utility, but also includes some
manual grammar fixes.
2018-12-27 15:19:55 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 9a3791fbc1 build.bash: support VERSION file and vendored go-fuse
Prepares for the release of all-in-one source tarballs
that include all non-stdlib dependencies.
2017-11-01 16:09:47 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 512be8f081 Add "dep" files: Gopkg.toml and Gopkg.lock
Allows users to get a reproduceable build. Still needs to
be integrated into build.bash.

Suggested at
2017-09-06 20:52:30 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher e993fd5fbc packakge.bash: include rendered man page in tarball 2016-11-01 15:43:33 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher b3c9a275c7 package.bash: Encode host distribution into tar filename 2016-01-09 15:47:29 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher c6a6641b58 tests: add encryption benchmarks to cryptfs 2015-12-08 13:19:19 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 6515c8d42c Add svgs explaining the encryption steps 2015-12-01 22:54:40 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 0084087d35 Add and MANPAGE-render.bash
MANPAGE-render.bash renders the markdown to a proper man(1) manpage
2015-11-11 09:15:14 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 5dc7e44aa2 Move main files to top level dir
This is in preparation of getting rid of the shell wrapper
2015-10-11 17:14:18 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher c4a66bc30d Add package.bash 2015-10-07 22:14:00 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 552c32c5e9 Move main binary to gocryptfs_main
That way the wrapper shell script can be named just "gocryptfs"
2015-10-05 20:32:10 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher d1522c7992 tests: simplify names
main_test_tmp -> tmp
	main_benchmark.bash -> benchmark.bash
2015-10-04 20:46:21 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 889ae90081 Add pathfs frontend (uses go-fuse instead of bazil-fuse), part I
Currently fails main_test.go, will be fixed in part II
2015-09-08 00:55:03 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 6f90ec716a Rebase to cluefs
2015-09-04 20:37:37 +02:00