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Jakob Unterwurzacher 69d88505fd go mod: declare module version v2
Our git version is v2+ for some time now, but go.mod
still declared v1. Hopefully making both match makes work.

All the import paths have been fixed like this:

  find . -name \*.go | xargs sed -i
2021-08-23 15:05:15 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher d882ed45da main: drop hardcoded /usr/bin/logger path
The hardcoded full paths were introduced to handle the
case of an empty PATH environment variable. However,
since commit 10212d791a we set PATH to a default
value if empty. The hardcoded paths are no longer neccessary,
and cause problems on some distros:

User voobscout on :

  just to chime in - please don't hardcode paths, for example I'm on
  NixOS and logger lives in /run/current-system/sw/bin/logger

Drop the hardcoded paths.
2018-11-17 17:03:11 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher bde7ba57b0 darwin does not have PATH_MAX
Define our own, with the value from Linux.
2018-06-08 00:47:48 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher fb772da697 main: forkChild: try to read /proc/self/exe
On Linux, where /proc exists, this makes sure that we are
executing ourselves again, and not some other copy of the
gocryptfs executable.

This usually does not matter, but mount(1) unsets $PATH
and sets argv[0] to just "gocryptfs".
2018-06-07 23:09:27 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 53d6a9999d main: accept -dev, -nodev, -suid, -nosuid, -exec, -noexec
When mounted via /etc/fstab like this,

  /a /b fuse.gocryptfs default 0 0

we always get extra options passed. As reported by @mahkoh
at :

  mount passes `-o noexec` if `-o user` is set and `-o exec` is not set.
  If both `-o user` and `-o exec` are set, it passes `-o exec`.

Make these options work, and in addtion, also make -suid and -rw
work the same way.

Reported-by: @mahkoh
2018-06-07 22:50:30 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 12832851c6 daemonize: try /bin/logger if /usr/bin/logger fails
SUSE has /bin/logger, everybody else has /usr/bin/logger,
so try both.

2018-04-11 20:31:02 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 2783eadc8f main: call logger with full path
If $PATH contains the mountpoint, searching through it
will lock us up. Use an absolute path to avoid looking
at $PATH.

2017-10-18 20:25:34 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 496968e06c main: redirectStdFds: keep logger from holding stdout open
We passed our stdout and stderr to the new logger instance,
which makes sense to see any error message, but also means that
the fd is kept open even when we close it.

Fixes the new TestMountBackground test and .
2017-07-24 00:05:39 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 0b6e3ce635 main: move redirectStdFds() to daemonize.go
This really is a part of daemonization.

No code changes.
2017-07-23 19:21:23 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher d5adde1eeb exitcodes: pull all exit code definitions into the package
This commit defines all exit codes in one place in the exitcodes

Also, it adds a test to verify the exit code on incorrect
password, which is what SiriKali cares about the most.

Fixes .
2017-05-07 22:16:22 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 7fc93ec093 main: fix USR1 race condition, fixes test flakiness
We could have gotten the signal before the handler was ready,
which caused the process to wait indefinitely. This was the reason
test.bash sometimes hung.
2016-11-26 18:18:14 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher f4c367381e main: fix comments that reference "-f" 2016-11-01 19:04:49 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher b527e205e2 main: rename "-f" to "-fg"
"-f" looks too much like "--force". The old variant is still
accepted for compatability.
2016-11-01 19:00:45 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 9ad49088fa main: add explicit exit after forkChild
Trying to make it more obvious what is happening.
2016-09-25 16:43:17 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 6c3f97399a Rename internal "toggledlog" package to "tlog"
tlog is used heavily everywhere and deserves a shorter name.

Renamed using sed magic, without any manual rework:

   find * -type f -exec sed -i 's/toggledlog/tlog/g' {} +
2016-06-15 23:30:44 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 0c80cca674 toggledlog: convert remaing naked fmt.Print*
Several fatal errors were just printed to stdout, which
meant they were invisible when running the test suite.

Fix this by introducing toggledlog.Fatal and convert as

Fatal errors     -> toggledlog.Fatal
Warnings         -> toggledlog.Warn
Password prompts -> fmt.Fprintf
2016-06-05 14:32:07 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher d163169655 Wrap Logger to make disabling output more efficient
Instead of using SetOutput(ioutil.Discard), which means
that Printf is still called for every debug message,
use a simple and fast boolean check.

Streaming write performance improves from 86 to 93 MB/s.
2016-01-21 22:59:11 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 9bab220a1b Switch to syslog when running in the background 2016-01-20 22:31:15 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 58592330dc Refactor cli argument handling
Also, add the "-config" option for storing gocryptfs.conf
outside of CIPHERDIR.
2015-11-14 21:25:10 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 51fcf61630 Use new arg "-notifypid" for more robust daemonization
No more string matching on the parent command line!
2015-11-09 23:33:35 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 14276c9632 Fix missing printf arguments discovered by "go vet" 2015-11-01 11:56:33 +01:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 242fcd0736 Run gofmt 2015-10-11 18:51:56 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 14115b061b Add native daemonization 2015-10-11 18:02:48 +02:00