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Jakob Unterwurzacher 9a7ceef09e shellcheck: make top-level bash scripts warning-free
And run shellcheck in test.bash.
2020-04-13 14:54:04 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher b3b10273b5 golint: get rid of underscore warnings for good.
We got another warning for force_other:

	cli_args.go:26:45: don't use underscores in Go names; struct field force_owner should be forceOwner

Use a broader grep.
2017-06-01 22:19:46 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 692b20f1b2 golint.bash: fix exit codes
We want to exit with 1 only if we we have complaints left after
the greps.
2017-04-30 13:14:54 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher edb3e19cb5 fix golint complaints 2017-04-29 14:50:58 +02:00
Jakob Unterwurzacher 6f475da116 Fix golint warnings, add helper script 2016-11-17 23:40:03 +01:00