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package main
import (
const tUsage = "" +
"Usage: " + tlog.ProgramName + " -init|-passwd|-info [OPTIONS] CIPHERDIR\n" +
" or " + tlog.ProgramName + " [OPTIONS] CIPHERDIR MOUNTPOINT\n"
// helpShort is what gets displayed when passed "-h" or on syntax error.
func helpShort() {
Common Options (use -hh to show all):
-aessiv Use AES-SIV encryption (with -init)
-allow_other Allow other users to access the mount
-i, -idle Unmount automatically after specified idle duration
-config Custom path to config file
-ctlsock Create control socket at location
-extpass Call external program to prompt for the password
-fg Stay in the foreground
-fsck Check filesystem integrity
-fusedebug Debug FUSE calls
-h, -help This short help text
-hh Long help text with all options
-init Initialize encrypted directory
-info Display information about encrypted directory
-masterkey Mount with explicit master key instead of password
-nonempty Allow mounting over non-empty directory
-nosyslog Do not redirect log messages to syslog
-passfile Read password from plain text file(s)
-passwd Change password
-plaintextnames Do not encrypt file names (with -init)
-q, -quiet Silence informational messages
-reverse Enable reverse mode
-ro Mount read-only
-speed Run crypto speed test
-version Print version information
-- Stop option parsing
// helpLong gets only displayed on "-hh"
func helpLong() {
Notes: All options can equivalently use "-" (single dash) or "--" (double dash).
A standalone "--" stops option parsing.