Re-design of the original gocryptfs code to work as a library.
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package syscallcompat
import (
const (
// O_DIRECT means oncached I/O on Linux. No direct equivalent on MacOS and defined
// to zero there.
// O_PATH is only defined on Linux
O_PATH = 0
// Sorry, fallocate is not available on OSX at all and
// fcntl F_PREALLOCATE is not accessible from Go.
// See if you want to help.
func EnospcPrealloc(fd int, off int64, len int64) error {
return nil
// See above.
func Fallocate(fd int, mode uint32, off int64, len int64) error {
return syscall.EOPNOTSUPP
// Dup3 is not available on Darwin, so we use Dup2 instead.
func Dup3(oldfd int, newfd int, flags int) (err error) {
if flags != 0 {
log.Panic("darwin does not support dup3 flags")
return syscall.Dup2(oldfd, newfd)
//// Emulated Syscalls (see emulate.go) ////////////////
func Openat(dirfd int, path string, flags int, mode uint32) (fd int, err error) {
return emulateOpenat(dirfd, path, flags, mode)
func Renameat(olddirfd int, oldpath string, newdirfd int, newpath string) (err error) {
return emulateRenameat(olddirfd, oldpath, newdirfd, newpath)
func Unlinkat(dirfd int, path string, flags int) (err error) {
return emulateUnlinkat(dirfd, path, flags)
func Mknodat(dirfd int, path string, mode uint32, dev int) (err error) {
return emulateMknodat(dirfd, path, mode, dev)
func Fchmodat(dirfd int, path string, mode uint32, flags int) (err error) {
return emulateFchmodat(dirfd, path, mode, flags)
func Fchownat(dirfd int, path string, uid int, gid int, flags int) (err error) {
return emulateFchownat(dirfd, path, uid, gid, flags)
func Symlinkat(oldpath string, newdirfd int, newpath string) (err error) {
return emulateSymlinkat(oldpath, newdirfd, newpath)
func Mkdirat(dirfd int, path string, mode uint32) (err error) {
return emulateMkdirat(dirfd, path, mode)
func Fstatat(dirfd int, path string, stat *unix.Stat_t, flags int) (err error) {
return emulateFstatat(dirfd, path, stat, flags)
func Getdents(fd int) ([]fuse.DirEntry, error) {
return emulateGetdents(fd)