Re-design of the original gocryptfs code to work as a library.
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// +build go1.5
// = go 1.5 or higher
package cryptocore
import (
const (
// HaveModernGoGCM indicates if Go GCM supports 128-bit nonces
HaveModernGoGCM = true
// goGCMWrapper - This wrapper makes sure gocryptfs can be compiled on Go
// versions 1.4 and lower that lack NewGCMWithNonceSize().
// 128 bit GCM IVs will not work when using built-in Go crypto, obviously, when
// compiled on 1.4.
func goGCMWrapper(bc cipher.Block, nonceSize int) (cipher.AEAD, error) {
return cipher.NewGCMWithNonceSize(bc, nonceSize)