Re-design of the original gocryptfs code to work as a library.
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// Package cryptocore wraps OpenSSL and Go GCM crypto and provides
// a nonce generator.
package cryptocore
import (
// BackendTypeEnum indicates the type of AEAD backend in use.
type AEADTypeEnum int
const (
// KeyLen is the cipher key length in bytes. 32 for AES-256.
KeyLen = 32
// AuthTagLen is the length of a GCM auth tag in bytes.
AuthTagLen = 16
_ = iota // Skip zero
// BackendOpenSSL specifies the OpenSSL backend.
BackendOpenSSL AEADTypeEnum = iota
// BackendGoGCM specifies the Go based GCM backend.
BackendGoGCM AEADTypeEnum = iota
// BackendAESSIV specifies an AESSIV backend.
BackendAESSIV AEADTypeEnum = iota
// CryptoCore is the low level crypto implementation.
type CryptoCore struct {
// EME is used for filename encryption.
EMECipher *eme.EMECipher
// GCM or AES-SIV. This is used for content encryption.
AEADCipher cipher.AEAD
// Which backend is behind AEADCipher?
AEADBackend AEADTypeEnum
// GCM needs unique IVs (nonces)
IVGenerator *nonceGenerator
IVLen int
// New returns a new CryptoCore object or panics.
// Even though the "GCMIV128" feature flag is now mandatory, we must still
// support 96-bit IVs here because they were used for encrypting the master
// key in gocryptfs.conf up to gocryptfs v1.2. v1.3 switched to 128 bits.
func New(key []byte, aeadType AEADTypeEnum, IVBitLen int) *CryptoCore {
if len(key) != KeyLen {
log.Panic(fmt.Sprintf("Unsupported key length %d", len(key)))
// We want the IV size in bytes
IVLen := IVBitLen / 8
// Name encryption always uses built-in Go AES through blockCipher.
// Content encryption uses BlockCipher only if useOpenssl=false.
blockCipher, err := aes.NewCipher(key)
if err != nil {
emeCipher := eme.New(blockCipher)
var aeadCipher cipher.AEAD
switch aeadType {
case BackendOpenSSL:
if IVLen != 16 {
log.Panic("stupidgcm only supports 128-bit IVs")
aeadCipher = stupidgcm.New(key)
case BackendGoGCM:
aeadCipher, err = cipher.NewGCMWithNonceSize(blockCipher, IVLen)
case BackendAESSIV:
if IVLen != 16 {
// SIV supports any nonce size, but we only use 16.
log.Panic("AES-SIV must use 16-byte nonces")
// AES-SIV uses 1/2 of the key for authentication, 1/2 for
// encryption, so we need a 64-bytes key for AES-256. Derive it from
// the master key by hashing it with SHA-512.
key64 := sha512.Sum512(key)
aeadCipher = siv_aead.New(key64[:])
log.Panic("unknown backend cipher")
if err != nil {
return &CryptoCore{
EMECipher: emeCipher,
AEADCipher: aeadCipher,
AEADBackend: aeadType,
IVGenerator: &nonceGenerator{nonceLen: IVLen},
IVLen: IVLen,