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// Package syscallcompat wraps Linux-specific syscalls.
package syscallcompat
import (
const (
// O_DIRECT means oncached I/O on Linux. No direct equivalent on MacOS and defined
// to zero there.
// O_PATH is only defined on Linux
O_PATH = unix.O_PATH
// RENAME_NOREPLACE is only defined on Linux
// EnospcPrealloc preallocates ciphertext space without changing the file
// size. This guarantees that we don't run out of space while writing a
// ciphertext block (that would corrupt the block).
func EnospcPrealloc(fd int, off int64, len int64) (err error) {
for {
err = syscall.Fallocate(fd, _FALLOC_FL_KEEP_SIZE, off, len)
if err == syscall.EINTR {
// fallocate, like many syscalls, can return EINTR. This is not an
// error and just signifies that the operation was interrupted by a
// signal and we should try again.
if err == syscall.EOPNOTSUPP {
// ZFS and ext3 do not support fallocate. Warn but continue anyway.
return nil
return err
// Getdents syscall with "." and ".." filtered out.
func Getdents(fd int) ([]DirEntry, error) {
entries, _, err := getdents(fd)
return entries, err