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package syscallcompat
import (
// Unix2syscall converts a unix.Stat_t struct to a syscall.Stat_t struct.
// A direct cast does not work because the padding is named differently in
// unix.Stat_t for some reason ("X__unused" in syscall, "_" in unix).
func Unix2syscall(u unix.Stat_t) syscall.Stat_t {
return syscall.Stat_t{
Dev: u.Dev,
Ino: u.Ino,
Nlink: u.Nlink,
Mode: u.Mode,
Uid: u.Uid,
Gid: u.Gid,
Rdev: u.Rdev,
Size: u.Size,
Blksize: u.Blksize,
Blocks: u.Blocks,
Atim: syscall.NsecToTimespec(unix.TimespecToNsec(u.Atim)),
Mtim: syscall.NsecToTimespec(unix.TimespecToNsec(u.Mtim)),
Ctim: syscall.NsecToTimespec(unix.TimespecToNsec(u.Ctim)),