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#+ AUTHOR:joanluc

Documentacion Configurar un PAN (Personal Area Network: espaci de malhum personau) que podera emular ua coneccion Ethernet. Atau podem aver ua NIC (Network Interface Card) virtuala e puish podem SSH.

Installacion Bluez

  • Requesits

    • Aparelh bluetooth / bluetooth device ``` lsmod |grep -i blue bluetooth 684032 43 btrtl,btintel,btbcm,bnep,btusb,rfcomm ecdh_generic 16384 2 bluetooth rfkill 28672 8 hp_wmi,bluetooth,cfg80211 ```
    • Un nodau que suporta la pila Bluez contenant BNEP / A kernel that supports the Bluez stack including BNEP. ``` lsmod |grep -i BNEP bnep 28672 2 bluetooth 684032 43 btrtl,btintel,btbcm,bnep,btusb,rfcomm ```
    • bluez-utils
    • Un nodau que suporta lo pont ethernet / Kernel ethernet bridging support ``` lsmod |grep -i bridge bridge 245760 0 stp 16384 1 bridge llc 16384 2 bridge,stp ```
    • bridge-utils
  • telecargament
  • decompression

    • /usr/local/src/Bluez/bluez-5.54
    • /usr/local/src/BridgeUtils/bridge-utils-1.6
  • compilation

    • Bluez

      • configure ``` ./configure prefix=/usr mandir=/usr/share/man sysconfdir=/etc localstatedir=/var ``` configure error : "checking for DBUS… no configure: error: D-Bus >= 1.6 is required" mès D-Bus ès installat e dens la version 1.12
      • pkg-config
usage: pkgconf [OPTIONS] [LIBRARIES]
basic options: explicacions
help this message
about print pkgconf version and license to stdout
version print supported pkg-config version to stdout
atleast-pkgconfig-version check whether or not pkgconf is compatible
with a specified pkg-config version
errors-to-stdout print all errors on stdout instead of stderr
print-errors ensure all errors are printed
short-errors be less verbose about some errors
silence-errors explicitly be silent about errors
list-all list all known packages
list-package-names list all known package names
simulate simulate walking the calculated dependency graph
no-cache do not cache already seen packages when
walking the dependency graph
log-file=filename write an audit log to a specified file
with-path=path adds a directory to the search path
define-prefix override the prefix variable with one that is guessed based on
the location of the .pc file
dont-define-prefix do not override the prefix variable under any circumstances
prefix-variable=varname sets the name of the variable that pkgconf considers
to be the package prefix
relocate=path relocates a path and exits (mostly for testsuite)
dont-relocate-paths disables path relocation support
cross-compilation personality support:
personality=triplet-filename sets the personality to 'triplet' or a file named 'filename'
dump-personality dumps details concerning selected personality
checking specific pkg-config database entries:
atleast-version require a specific version of a module
exact-version require an exact version of a module
max-version require a maximum version of a module
exists check whether or not a module exists
uninstalled check whether or not an uninstalled module will be used
no-uninstalled never use uninstalled modules when satisfying dependencies
no-provides do not use 'provides' rules to resolve dependencies
maximum-traverse-depth maximum allowed depth for dependency graph
static be more aggressive when computing dependency graph
(for static linking)
pure optimize a static dependency graph as if it were a normal
dependency graph
env-only look only for package entries in PKG_CONFIG_PATH
ignore-conflicts ignore 'conflicts' rules in modules
validate validate specific .pc files for correctness
querying specific pkg-config database fields:
define-variable=varname=value define variable 'varname' as 'value'
variable=varname print specified variable entry to stdout
cflags print required CFLAGS to stdout
cflags-only-I print required include-dir CFLAGS to stdout
cflags-only-other print required non-include-dir CFLAGS to stdout
libs print required linker flags to stdout
libs-only-L print required LDPATH linker flags to stdout
libs-only-l print required LIBNAME linker flags to stdout
libs-only-other print required other linker flags to stdout
print-requires print required dependency frameworks to stdout
print-requires-private print required dependency frameworks for static
linking to stdout
print-provides print provided dependencies to stdout
print-variables print all known variables in module to stdout
digraph print entire dependency graph in graphviz 'dot' format
keep-system-cflags keep -I/usr/include entries in cflags output
keep-system-libs keep -L/usr/lib64 entries in libs output
path show the exact filenames for any matching .pc files
modversion print the specified module's version to stdout
internal-cflags do not filter 'internal' cflags from output
filtering output:
msvc-syntax print translatable fragments in MSVC syntax
fragment-filter=types filter output fragments to the specified types
report bugs to <>.
  • Bridge-Utils

    • configure ```

autoconf && ./configure prefix=/usr/local && make ```

  • ajuda brctl (brctl/brctl help)
Usage: brctl [commands]
commands: explicacions
addbr <bridge> add bridge
delbr <bridge> delete bridge
addif <bridge> <device> add interface to bridge
delif <bridge> <device> delete interface from bridge
hairpin <bridge> <port> {on-off} turn hairpin on/off
setageing <bridge> <time> set ageing time
setbridgeprio <bridge> <prio> set bridge priority
setfd <bridge> <time> set bridge forward delay
sethello <bridge> <time> set hello time
setmaxage <bridge> <time> set max message age
setpathcost <bridge> <port> <cost> set path cost
setportprio <bridge> <port> <prio> set port priority
show [ <bridge> ] show a list of bridges
showmacs <bridge> show a list of mac addrs
showstp <bridge> show bridge stp info
stp <bridge> {on-off} turn stp on/off