Specify that easycsv_read_value returns heap-allocated string pointer

Signed-off-by: Pradana AUMARS <paumars@courrier.dev>
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Pradana AUMARS 2021-07-16 20:24:23 +02:00
parent 769322ec6b
commit bb1e4aef4f

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@ -139,10 +139,11 @@ easycsv_find_num_value(const easycsv*,
* Read string in a specific cell
* String is heap-allocated, it must be destroyed (free'd) manually
* @param[in] constant pointer to easycsv structure
* @param[in] row number
* @param[in] column number
* @return string value of cell, NULL if empty cell
* @return string value of cell, NULL if error
easycsv_read_value(const easycsv*,