Easy-to-use CSV parsing library for C language.
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#include <limits.h>
#include "../include/easycsv.h"
#include "easycsv_error.h"
/* void */
/* _easycsv_printerror(const _easycsv *_priv, */
/* const EASYCSV_ERROR error) */
/* { */
/* switch (_priv->error) { */
/* case EASYCSV_ERROROFF: return; */
/* case EASYCSV_ERRORSTDOUT: _easycsv_geterror(_priv, error, stdout); break; */
/* default: _easycsv_geterror(_priv, error, stderr); return; */
/* } */
/* } */
static char s_error_msg[SCHAR_MAX];
easycsv_error(EASYCSV_ERROR error,
const char *error_msg)
switch (error) {
case EASYCSV_NOERROR: sprintf(s_error_msg, "no error"); return;
case EASYCSV_NULLCSV: sprintf(s_error_msg, "easycsv pointer is NULL"); return;
case EASYCSV_NULLPTR: sprintf(s_error_msg, "pointer is NULL"); return;
case EASYCSV_EMPTYSTRING: sprintf(s_error_msg, "string is empty"); return;
case EASYCSV_EMPTYVALUE: sprintf(s_error_msg, "value in CSV file is empty"); return;
case EASYCSV_OVERMAXROW: sprintf(s_error_msg, "int exceeds row limit of %s", error_msg); return;
case EASYCSV_OVERMAXCOL: sprintf(s_error_msg, "int exceeds column limit of %s", error_msg); return;
case EASYCSV_ZEROROW: sprintf(s_error_msg, "parameterised row number is zero"); return;
case EASYCSV_ZEROCOL: sprintf(s_error_msg, "parameterised column number is zero"); return;
case EASYCSV_MEMALLOC: sprintf(s_error_msg, "memory allocation failure"); return;
case EASYCSV_UNKNOWNIOMODE: sprintf(s_error_msg, "unknown file IO mode"); return;
case EASYCSV_OPENFAIL: sprintf(s_error_msg, "failed to open file"); return;
case EASYCSV_REOPENFAIL: sprintf(s_error_msg, "failed to reopen file"); return;
case EASYCSV_EMPTYCSV: sprintf(s_error_msg, "CSV file is empty"); return;
case EASYCSV_UNWRITABLE: sprintf(s_error_msg, "CSV file is not in a writable mode"); return;
case EASYCSV_UNREADABLE: sprintf(s_error_msg, "CSV file is not in a readable mode"); return;
case EASYCSV_UPDATEFAIL: sprintf(s_error_msg, "CSV file has failed to update"); return;
case EASYCSV_UPDATETEMPFAIL: sprintf(s_error_msg, "failed to update temp CSV file"); return;
case EASYCSV_FILEPTRFAIL: sprintf(s_error_msg, "failed to move FILE pointer"); return;
case EASYCSV_ROWNOTEXIST: sprintf(s_error_msg, "given row does not exist"); return;
case EASYCSV_COLNOTEXIST: sprintf(s_error_msg, "given column does not exist"); return;
case EASYCSV_PUSHCOLFAIL: sprintf(s_error_msg, "failed to push value under column"); return;
case EASYCSV_COLNUMFAIL: sprintf(s_error_msg, "failed to determine the column number of a value in the first row"); return;
case EASYCSV_FINDVALUEFAIL: sprintf(s_error_msg, "cannot find the value %s", error_msg); return;
default: sprintf(s_error_msg, "unknown error"); return;
return s_error_msg;