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# Swy7ch' personnal dotfiles
**Hello, world!** This is my dotfiles directory.
Feel free to use it at your convenience :)
I'm David. I'm a Computer Science student from France, and a *huge* fan of
Linux, especially Arch and Gentoo. I also like making things simple and neat,
and this is the sole purpose of this directory: keeping my needed files in a
safe place, so that I can reinstall Arch easily without much tinkering.
Everything common to my machines is in the `dev` branch. The `arch` branch provides the config for my Arch-based machine, which is subject to change in the near future (as of April 18th). The `mercury` branch provides the config for my Gentoo-based system, and is up-to-date as I use it as my daily driver.
Everything is bleeding edge.
## Installation
Clone the repo :
$ git clone --bare --recurse-submodules <repo_url> ~/.dotfiles.git
then after setting an alias like
$ alias dotfiles='/usr/bin/git --git-dir=$HOME/.dotfiles.git/ --work-tree=$HOME'
just run
$ dotfiles checkout
Note: the repo already provides an alias file (`~/.config/aliasrc`) which sets
this alias up. For this alias to work, you need to source
`~/.config/zsh/.zprofile` before.
## ~/
Contains the files that I haven't been able to put in `~/.config`.
## Programs whose config files can be found in ~/.config/
- `dunst`
- `git`
- `htop`
- `mpd`
- `ncmpcpp`
- `neovim v0.7+`
- `neomutt`
- `pacman` **(hooks only)**
- `paru`
- `redshift`
- `sxhkd`
- `tmux`
- `transmission`
- `X11`
- `zathura`
- `zsh`
- `old`
- `fish-shell`
- `i3-gaps`
- `neofetch`
- `neovim v0.4.4`
- `polybar`
- `termite`
- `ranger`
- `vim`
### ~/.config/root/ [WIP]
Where I keep the files I have to copy into the `/` folder. It is sensible so it
is not called in a setup script.
## ~/.local/bin
My personnal scripts that I wrote (or stole) to make things easier. Some of
them are used by programs I use, like my WM for instance.
## Window manager and terminal emulator
I currently use [suckless](https://suckless.org/)' programs, i.e. `dmenu`
(binary launcher), `dwm` (window manager) and `st` (terminal emulator),
so my files are set accordingly. My statusbar is set through
All my forks are available on this account!
## Submodules
Since commit `93440b9`, those forks are provided as submodules, provided in
`~/.local/src`. To retrieve them, run
$ git submodule update --init
## GPLv3 License
This repo is, since commit `60fc3ce`, licensed under the GPLv3. Depending on
your situation, it might not change anything. This is what is required:
0. For your personnal usage, do what you want.
1. If you ever wanted to re-publish it, you can.
2. If you ever want to modify it, you can.
3. If you want to melt any part of this repo into your project, this
project **must** be licensed under the GPLv3.
More informations:
* The GNU webpage regarding the license:
* The Choose A License page about GPLv3: