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David JULIEN 268c870d04
feat: add $XDG_STATE_HOME directory 11 months ago
David JULIEN 4142d99428 cleanup: move dotfiles to their right place 2 years ago
David JULIEN 347d9e6997 feat: update shebang 2 years ago
David JULIEN 0a25a88802 feat: move android config files to .config 2 years ago
David JULIEN 10321a0d21 feat: use dwmblocks as statusbar 2 years ago
David JULIEN 36400e76e2 feat: remove mutt-wizard 2 years ago
David JULIEN b2bfb330a7 fix: GPG_TTY setting moved to zsh 2 years ago
David JULIEN f4cb7f182e feat: change pinentry-program to curses 2 years ago
David eb4be8facd cleanup: reorganize .profile 2 years ago
David d997301f47 feat: add some more xdg-compliance envvar 2 years ago
David 6f6280ca4a cleanup: simplify $PATH update 2 years ago
swytch e4dd4ac9e3 feat: add envvar to .profile to follow XDG conventions 2 years ago
swytch f0a1cb8c8e cleanup: remove trailing '/' in .profile 2 years ago
swytch 08320670ea feat: add `SUDO_EDITOR` 2 years ago
swy7ch 30f254f6c3 cleanup: global files cleanup 2 years ago
swy7ch fd6e1d2ce3 init repo 2 years ago