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@ -20,31 +20,6 @@ Donald Allen reported this:
starting emacs from dmenu in archlinux results in missing configure of emacs, but mod1-space or mod1-shift-space fix this problem. this problem is new and did not happen in 1.6 xorg servers
Starting emacs from xterm doesnt show this problem, he uses tag 8 for emacs
2009/12/7 Alexandr Krylovskiy <>:
> Fullscreen mode with flash applications (youtube, for example) doesn't
> work properly neither in tiled nor in floating mode.
> Fullscreen window closes immediately after opening.
This is a known bug (for some curiosity I received the same report via
privmail from 2 other people within one week, really strange).
The quick fix is commenting out the code in lines 817/818 in hg tip
dwm. I cannot confirm this has no side effects (I think it does) and I
will address this issue shortly with a real fix.
SDL seems to not like non-reparenting WMs:
> I would like to mention SDL problems, however SDL is not crucial to
> me anymore; people that really care about it should speak up and
> propose dwm / SDL patch or cooperation scheme in that matter.
Patching SDL, bugging them?
voltaic reports this: