Simplify client y-offset correction

The reasoning behind the original line may be lost to time as
it does not make much sense checking the position on the x-axis
to determine how to position the client on the y-axis.

In the context of multi-monitor setups the monitor y position
(m->my) may be greater than 0 (say 500), in which case the window
could be placed out of view if:
   - the window attributes have a 0 value for the y position and
   - we end up using the y position of bh (e.g. 22)

If the aim is to avoid a new floating client covering the bar then
restricting y position to be at least that of the window area
(m->wy) should cover the two cases of using a top bar and using a
bottom bar.
Stein 10 months ago committed by Hiltjo Posthuma
parent e0dee91145
commit a859676ead

@ -1049,9 +1049,7 @@ manage(Window w, XWindowAttributes *wa)
if (c->y + HEIGHT(c) > c->mon->my + c->mon->mh)
c->y = c->mon->my + c->mon->mh - HEIGHT(c);
c->x = MAX(c->x, c->mon->mx);
/* only fix client y-offset, if the client center might cover the bar */
c->y = MAX(c->y, ((c->mon->by == c->mon->my) && (c->x + (c->w / 2) >= c->mon->wx)
&& (c->x + (c->w / 2) < c->mon->wx + c->mon->ww)) ? bh : c->mon->my);
c->y = MAX(c->y, c->mon->wy);
c->bw = borderpx;
wc.border_width = c->bw;