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David JULIEN 718b2af99d feat: attachbottom patch 1 year ago
dwm-attachbottom-20201227-61bb8b2.diff feat: attachbottom patch 1 year ago
dwm-center-6.2.diff feat: center patch 2 years ago
dwm-fullgaps-20200508-7b77734.diff feat: fullgaps patch 2 years ago
dwm-hide_vacant_tags-6.2.diff feat: hide_vacant_tags patch 2 years ago
dwm-noborderfloatingfix-6.2.diff feat: noborder patch 2 years ago
dwm-notitle-6.2.diff feat: notitle patch 2 years ago
dwm-swallow-20201211-61bb8b2.diff feat: swallow patch 2 years ago
dwm-xresources-20210314.diff feat: xresources patch 2 years ago