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Tykayn 110ef9fc7a hop up script 8 months ago
Tykayn ed8c603329 add nelmioAPIdocbundle to have a swagger description in api/doc.json 1 year ago
Tykayn fd28433dd8 update of a vote stack returns a vote stack 1 year ago
Tykayn 8c03b1c521 remove content in header, upgrade deps 1 year ago
Tykayn a034f59a90 add symfony profiling, and spool for emails 1 year ago
Tykayn 863e216fe7 add mailer flex 1 year ago
Tykayn a481a41a6c up script up 1 year ago
tykayn 2733c1f2a3 enable cors 1 year ago
Tykayn 7bba1cc2e1 update nginx docs 1 year ago
Tykayn b6ca330826 advance on fixtures 1 year ago
Tykayn 21c594a2fd upgrade all, add migration from framadate v1 1 year ago
Tykayn f3201cdf54 database config 2 years ago
tykayn 8fbd546205 add graphql bundle 2 years ago
tykayn d286d6291e head and foot 2 years ago
Sébastien Touzé bbad384474 Add first functional tests for Poll. 2 years ago
tykayn 4176922500 update send to user 2 years ago
tykayn 88da8b824a send mailer without swift 2 years ago
Kayn Ty e98ac442c8 hop 3 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 2c919610f7 global base url var, add swift mailer 3 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 150dc50003 return arrays as such 3 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 6b4994b35a can create poll 3 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 743a3db48b add doc bundle to generate swagger doc 3 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 85f643bcce more endpoints 3 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 8aa8be308e basic conf for endpoints and local webserver to run 3 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 96f57ef61f 🎉 init all in symfony 4 3 years ago
Baptiste Lemoine 7fcca42673 Add initial set of files 3 years ago