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"Language": "Language",
"Title": "Translation example",
"Intro": "Hello I am {{name}}, I am {{age}} years old.",
"home": {
"title": "home's title"
"config": {
"demo": "this is a demo",
"demo_other": "this is an other demo",
"continue": "Continue",
"perfect": "That's perfect",
"title": "Create a poll",
"letsgo": "Lets go!",
"description": "Shedule appointments with your friends or your family, or create a pool with text, pictures or links… A real survey!",
"find_my_polls": "Where are my polls ?",
"find_helper": "I am looking for polls linked to my email",
"find_button": "Find my polls"
"creation": {
"title": "To begin with",
"want": "I want to create a poll",
"kind": {
"classic": "classic",
"date": "special dates"
"choose_title": "Whom title will be",
"choose_title_placeholder": "title",
"name": "I can also specify my name if i want",
"name_placeholder": "my name",
"description": "and the description would be",
"description_placeholder": "summary of the poll's purpose"
"dates": {
"title": "Config especially for the dates",
"hours_different": "I want to put",
"hours_each_day": "slots for each day",
"multiple": {
"identical": "the same",
"different": "possibly different"
"add": "Add a date choice",
"add_time": "Add a schedule proposal",
"empty": "Empty",
"count_dates": "choices of dates",
"count_time": "choices of schedules",
"add_interval": "Add a date interval",
"interval_propose": "I want to suggest all the dates from",
"interval_span": "to",
"interval_button": "Add these",
"interval_button_dates": "dates"
"choices": {
"title": "Write the proposals",
"helper": "You can use markdown syntax",
"answer_preset_1": "Demo answer 1",
"answer_preset_2": "answer 2",
"answer_preset_3": "and D, the answer D",
"add": "Add",
"continue": "Let's see how it goes"
"resume": {
"title": "And that's all for us!",
"admins": "Admin side",
"users": "Respondent side",
"links_mail": "Receive links by email"
"visibility": {
"top_txt": "A few settings...",
"title": "Visibility of answers",
"visibility_want": "I want that",
"visibility_link": "anybody having the link",
"visibility_nobody": "nobody",
"visibility_see": "can see answers to the pool.",
"votes": "Votes",
"votes_possible": "Possible answers will be",
"votes_possible_single": "only \"yes\"",
"votes_possible_normal": "\"yes\" or \"maybe\"",
"votes_possible_full": "\"yes\" or \"maybe\" or \"no\"",
"archiving": "Polled people will be able to vote until",
"archiving_start": "They",
"archiving_can": "will",
"archiving_can_not": "will not",
"archiving_end": "be able to edit",
"modfiy_their": "their vote",
"modfiy_everyone": "all the votes",
"access": "Access to the poll",
"access_url": "Pooled people will be able to access it via this address:",
"access_url_key": "URL",
"see_pass": "see",
"access_instructions": "may contain letters, numbers and dashes",
"access_want": "I",
"access_want_yes": "want",
"access_want_no": "do not need",
"access_protect": "it to be password-protected.",
"validate_btn": "Create this poll!"
"admin": {
"choose_title": "The pool title is",
"description": "and its description is",
"info_section_title": "Pool informations",
"settings_section_title": "Settings",
"votes_deletion_desc": "To start over from scratch, I can delete them all",
"votes_deletion_btn": "Delete all the votes",
"comments_deletion_title": "Comments",
"comments_deletion_desc": "If I wish, I can delete all the comments",
"comments_deletion_btn": "Delete all the comments",
"archiving_title": "Archiving",
"archiving_desc": "This poll will no longer be editable from",
"deletion": "Delete all",
"deletion_desc": "In the case you want do delete everything, this button is for you:",
"deletion_btn": "Delete the poll",
"link": "Links to access the survey",
"link_admin": "Administrator's side",
"link_admin_desc": "To access the poll and all its settings",
"link_admin_btn": "To see the poll as an administrator",
"copy_link": "Copy the link",
"polled_people": "Polled side",
"polled_people_desc": "To access the poll and all its settings",
"polled_people_btn": "See the poll",
"email_links": "Receive the links by email",
"email_links_desc": "To be sure to find these links, they can be sent to you by email",
"email_links_key": "email",
"email_links_btn": "Send the links to the poll"
"pollGraphic": {
"choiceColorblind": "I am",
"choiceNotColorblind": "I am not",
"colorblindText": "colorblind."