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#Funky Framadate API Experimental REST backend in symfony 4 for Funky framadate frontend. https://framagit.org/framasoft/framadate/funky-framadate-front


return stack of votes when we want to get the configuration of one poll (see doc/examples.md)


install dependencies with Composer

there are examples of request to make it all work.

Getting started

install the vendors

composer install

initiate the database with fixtures

php bin/console doctrine:schema:drop --force
php bin/console doctrine:schema:create
php bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load --no-interaction

launch local server with

php bin/console server:run


set a virtual host on your server, configure CORS access to have the API to work. configure database access in a .env.local file , replace variables DATABASE_URL=mysql://database_user:db_user_password@ this file is not versionned

cronjob to delete expired polls

add this line in your crontab to run the clearance of expired polls everyday at 0h00.

0 0 * * * wget http://MYWEBSITE/api/v1/clean-polls 

you can open your crontabl in command line with :

crontab -e


made by B. Lemoine, aka Tykayn, for the framadate funky front end project, a polling libre software.